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Unit 8 The Fairground Industrial Estate, Weyhill Hampshire SP11 0QN
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Phone Number: 01264774750

Marriage Gift List is a website designed to give affianced couples and their wedding guests an innovative and interesting way to choose and buy wedding gifts.

We know that organising a wedding can be both exciting and stressful, and we are here to make things that little bit easier by offering a helping hand. We give couples easy access to a diverse range of online stores, so they can browse through a wonderful variety of gifts ranging from HD TVs and champagne balloon flights, to music CDs and toasters.

Everything they could want can be added to their dream Marriage Gift List, and we make it really easy for their guests to access the list. Our beautiful selection of free Marriage Gift List Invitation cards supply wedding guests with all the website address and login details.

Marriage Gift List has simple instructions to follow, and provides direct access to the online stores. Once a gift has been bought by one of the wedding guests, they can have it removed from the list, and we give the guests a search option so that they can locate gifts within a certain price range.

A List Manager can be appointed, so that someone can take charge of the list. This means that anyone buying gifts through more traditional means can simply let the List Manager know. There is also a wedding day countdown, so that everyone can see exactly how long they have until the Big Day!

Marriage Gift List makes choosing and buying wedding gifts easier; we stop the stress but save the surprise!

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Unit 8 The Fairground Industrial Estate, Weyhill Hampshire SP11 0QN

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