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58A Wickham Road Brockley, london Greater London SE4 1LS
Phone Number: 020 8617 8487

Our site offers a new experience in gift giving but is based on a common practice. As Liv’s Nan has helpfully pointed out, “It’s not a new idea. It’s a whip-round.” And she’s right.


Like a traditional whip-round our site lets you collect money from friends and family towards a much-wanted gift. It’s just that our online version is not only more efficient and secure but also more creative, personal and fun than throwing some cash in a hat.


People use Patchwork Present because:

-       It means you get one gift that’s really wanted, not a ton of stuff that isn’t

-       You can use it to buy anything! If it’s legal and money can buy it, you can fund it

-       It removes the embarrassment of asking for cash and makes giving money meaningful

-       You can collect gift money globally and spend it locally, when and where you choose

-       It’s a fun, personal and creative experience for people giving and receiving

-       It’s super easy to thank people afterwards with photos of you enjoying your gift


Getting started:

With hundreds of readymade patchworks we’ve got plenty of gift ideas to steal. Just sign up to customise one for yourself or create your own from scratch.

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58A Wickham Road Brockley, london Greater London SE4 1LS

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