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September 30, 2014 12:34 pm
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210 Upper Street Islington, London Greater London N1 1RL
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Phone Number: 020 7359 4977

Our Company

Stephen Einhorn Ltd was founded in London in 1995. The aim of the company is that with our specialist design and manufacturing skills we will create handmade, innovative designer jewellery, bespoke and unique products, and offer a personalised service that other companies cannot equal.

Our Philosophy…

  • To create designer jewellery pieces and products that are exciting, approachable and innovative.
  • To handmake every one of Stephen Einhorn’s designs using solid precious metals, precious stones and hand selected diamonds.
  • To work in a low stress environment in which every employee is valued and treated with respect, and to create a happy environment.
  • To ensure that the quality of lives of our employees is prioritised over work.
  • To provide all of our staff with extensive and up to date training.
  • To train our retail staff over 8 months to a year in all aspects of the jewellery trade and to ensure that they are experts in their field, with an understanding of the ethics of the trade and conflict free diamonds.
  • To ensure that our customers receive honest and expert guidance from our jewellers and retail staff.
  • To run a socially and environmentally responsible company that plays an active role in its community, be that the jewellery trade as a whole, or the local community of Islington, London.
  • To run the kind of design led, responsible and approachable company that we would be proud to shop in.