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Business name: rosebudbydesign
41 greyswood road, stoke on trent Staffordshire ST4 6LF
Email Address:
Phone Number: 07803337474

From the day I was born my Gran always used to call me her ‘Little Rosebud’.  At the time I saw it as just a nickname and it never meant anything to me. Now she is no longer here, looking back on the times she called it me and looking at old birthday cards and seeing the words written down, it always makes me smile. It brings back memories of all the times we spent together, of times I never want to forget.

I have always been creative from a very young age, whether it was drawing pictures or playing musical instruments, it has always been a massive part of my life. As I have got older, my creativity has taken many different forms, epecially in my working life. For many years I have worked in the retail sector – being able to create inspiring and attractive displays has been very important. An individuals eye is immediately drawn to something which looks interesting and impressive.

From my love of being creative and the memories brought back from just a simple word  – ‘Rosebud by Design’ was founded. I have the desire to be able to produce something that not only is a beautiful piece of jewellery but which will also create a lasting memory for its owner.

When you look at the pieces created by ‘Rosebud by Design’ I want you to not only see the beauty that surrounds it, but also to remember the memories that were created when it was worn and smile. I only use genuine Swarovski beads and pearls, accompanied by crystal encrusted Shamballa beads. They are delicate in their styling, but stunning in the look that they create. Each bead catches the light perfectly, to create a beautiful sparkle.  Each piece is made by hand.

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41 greyswood road, stoke on trent Staffordshire ST4 6LF

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