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20-22 Headstone Drive, Harrow Middlesex HA3 5QH
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Phone Number: 020 8427 7373
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With Heriots, you have the assurance that you are dealing with a family business that has been keeping its customers happy for over 100 years and with the knowledge that we have the experience and creativity to provide extra special ingredients that comes with the mastery of our craft.

  • 1. Price

    Heriot offer the best all round value for your money. Our website shows exactly what you will pay, there are no hidden extras.

  • 2. Quality

    Our chefs buy fresh produce straight from the market, and frozen food is only very occasionally used, when it is absolutely necessary.

  • 3. Reliability

    Heriot have a fully documented history of proven performance, backed up with literally thousands of testimonials from our past guests.

  • 4. Service

    Whether it’s just for a few guests or for several hundred, Heriot have Silver Service trained staff to make the event a complete success. We want you to feel like a special guest at your own party.

  • 5. Reputation

    We are a family business, with over a century of experience in the catering profession, to satisfy the most discerning of your guests. We aim to exceed your expectations, not just to meet them.

  • 6. Safety

    We have a regularly updated HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certificate in force, and all our staff are committed to safe working practices.

  • 7. The Food

    Our wide selection of menus combine traditional classics with the best of contemporary cuisine, providing the perfect solution for both formal and informal occasions.

  • 8. Easy to Work With

    Come and talk to us, or we’ll come to see you. If you are busy, fax or phone us, or visit our superb 200 page website. We will do all the paperwork.

  • 9. Nice People

    Time after time when asked why they prefer Heriot, our customers say “because we like the people. The office staff are helpful, the chefs know their stuff, they’re happy and they try harder.”

  • 10. We Care

    How our customers feel about us today decides our success or failure tomorrow.

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20-22 Headstone Drive, Harrow Middlesex HA3 5QH

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